Live Events

Virtual Consulting Group offers 4 Live and in person events taught by Tonja Demoff Author of numerous real estate books and systems.

Fresh Start System - $995.00

2 jammed packed days of hard core strategies to pick up and move forward.

If you have lost your home, car, job, relationships, or experienced loss in your life, you understand that starting over is painful financially and emotionally.

The Fresh Start System will walk you through the steps that you must take to regain control over your life and your finances.

Tonja Demoff, author and creator of this system knows what it takes to stand up and step up when life has knocked you down. She will teach you simple and effective strategies to "put it all back together again".

Whether you’re a reading the book, listening to the CD's or attending one of the high powered events we are certain that you will be excited again, creating possibilities for your life, your family and your wealth.

Core Wealth- $1,495.00

2 Amazing fun filled, focused days working on the CORE of Wealth. Without a system and a way of creating wealth, it isn’t possible. We give you the system and the way and walk you through 2 days of intense wealth building strategies.

Build a foundation within your character that is unshakeable, unbeatable and makes you a force to be reckoned with. Learn to be the creator of your life and use strategies to keep yourself moving forward when others try to keep you down!

Resilient Millionaire- $1,995.00

If you have read stories of multi-millionaires who have lost their fortunes 2 and 3 times and wondered how did that happen, not the loss but the rebuilding...— Or if you lost yours you’d feel like it took you a lifetime to earn and that you’ll never save it again... Jump right into this computer because you can learn to be resilient. Losing wealth doesn’t make you BROKE, it makes your bank account small not you!

Lost all of the wealth you have? Renovate your bank account, your self-esteem, your pride and climb that hill with confidence that it's not only possible, you can do it!

Entrepreneurs Edge- $2,495.00

3 day program
The program for every entrepreneur— Enough Said!

Are you a business owner? Do you dream of working for yourself and starting your own business? This program is a MUST... Learn what you MUST know to protect yourself from negative people, moochers, leeches and anyone that doesn’t want to see you succeed. Learn how to set up your company so NOBODY can ever take what you’ve worked so hard to build. What you don't know in business isn't nearly as bad as who you do know that you really don't know!

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