About Virtual Consulting Group

The Virtual Consulting Group is an online real estate resource center for realtors and consumers.

A place to get your questions answered, get connected with professionals who can help you with your project or situation. We provide training and partner with realtors and brokers nationwide to bring local support right to your door step.

We are responsive, answer your phone calls, call back promptly and provide impeccable customer service because we know that time is money and if you can’t get the answers you need it could cost you money.

We have on staff, Tonja Demoff author, speaker and highly acclaimed entrepreneur who has risen to the top, fallen and risen again. She knows what it takes to weather a storm, overcome adversity, and deal with partnership betrayals, lawsuits, bankruptcies and most importantly success. Tonja Demoff is our secret weapon and we will share her with you!

Tonja's philosophy is simple if it’s real it’s worth talking about! She says, “sometimes you’ve got to just lay it all out, in order to sort it out! Being embarrassed about life and money challenges just causes shame and that causes poverty!"

Let’s keep it real and prosper!