Fee Structure for Agents

  1. PFP requires a monthly fee of 700.00 per participating ISA. Commissions are 50/50 with the company.
  2. For PFP2 agents, there will be no other monthly office fee or membership fee.
  3. Technology fees continue to apply per ISA agreements (25.00) per month.
  4. No annual E & O as long as the member closes at least 50% of the qualified leads distributed (if not E & O is 400.00 per year).
  5. No charge for desk fees or private office space, a member may claim a designated office and "set up shop" as long as the member utilizes the space by physically being in the office at least 15 hours per week. Space will be on a first come basis.
  6. Q & A Realty Group, Inc. guarantees that if the ISA doesn't receive 8 fully qualified leads per quarter the monthly fee is 100% refundable to the ISA.
  7. Monthly fee will be waived for 1 year for each three associates that ISA recruits to join Q & A Realty Group, Inc. Under the PFP2 business model and 6 months under the New Agent or Executive model.
  8. Q& A Realty Group, Inc. may distribute leads that are not "fully qualified", in this case the compensation due to the company is 25% and all sales responsibility/activities are the sole responsibility of the ISA.
  9. Leads generated solely by the ISA belong to the ISA and the fee due upon the COE will be set forth in the ISA agreement.
  10. If the ISA desires to place their leads into the management of the company sales program it will be treated as if it were generated via the company and the PFP2 program guidelines/fees will apply.
  11. Minimum commitment is 1 quarter. Equal to 2800.00 to be paid monthly or 2,000 if paid in advance full.